A Personal Approach to Real Estate

As a company, we are dedicated to serving our tenants, investors, and one another with excellence. Through our personal approach to property management and our commitment to effective stewardship, we are able to accomplish these goals.




Birgo Realty was born out of a passion to improve the lives of others, starting with the real estate where they live and work. As a family-owned business in the flourishing city of Pittsburgh, we possess a deep conviction to provide our tenants desirable and distinctive residential and commercial spaces.

Being a local, family-owned company transcends far beyond ownership. Out of love, we serve our employees as our family in order to extend a family-oriented mindset to our tenants. Together, we will develop the community around us into neighborhoods worthy of calling home.

This, powered by a experienced and dedicated staff, enables Birgo Realty to provide quality service, business, and relationships through real estate.

Owners, Birgo Realty

  1. 2007The Reicherts begin investing in real estate and quickly develop a portfolio of 20 units in Pittsburgh.

  2. 2012Go Realty is formed as a brokerage and starts serving tenants as a company.

  3. 2016Go Realty expands its team and renovates a former organ factory warehouse to use as an office space.

  4. 2018The business exceeds 1,000 residential units under management in partnership with Birgo Capital.

  5. 2019Go Realty rebrands as Birgo, a fully-integrated real estate services company.




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Birgo Realty Works With Urban Impact

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